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A Cook You Want in the Kitchen


Any baker will tell you that perfect confectionery is an art. The slightest variance in ingredient or method can make or break your sweets. Inevitably, some smart people realized that technology is the perfect accompaniment to any amateur pastry chef. What better sous chef to have than something that will tell you how much, what and when while making your treats

perfect_bake_2Welcome to Perfect Bake™, the app-controlled system that helps you make the best goodies in town. Sound familiar? Back in January we wrote about Drop, also an app-accompanied scale. But Perfect Bake is here to offer more. Included is a Smart Scale that connects to your iOS or Android device. The free app then guides you through your baking. Within the app are a variety of recipes to choose from, or add your own.  Tell Perfect Bake what quantity you need and it adjusts all aspects of your recipe. Pour ingredients and the Smart Scale tracks it on your device’s screen. So you are baking with weight, not volume, proven to be a more consistent method. And of course baking by weight means no more measuring cups to wash up.

Perfect Bake will time your beating, stirring and oven time as well as telling you which rack in the oven to use.  Let’s say you want to bake, but cannot make it to the store. No problem. Perfect Bake’s Pantry feature gives you lists of recipes based on what you do have on hand.

This confectionery companion comes with the scale, connection cable, phone/tablet stand, 3 mixing bowls (whose colors coordinate with what is on screen!) and oven thermometer. The app contains hundreds of baker-tested recipes and does not require an app update to get the latest additions. Perfect Bake has proven an effective tool for bakers young and old, and is available at Brookstone for just $69.99. So whether you are a veteran baker or a beginner in development take this perfect baking companion with you.