Convert tapes to MP3s with ION Audio Tape Express

tape_expressWhen I was young, I invested a penny in that whole “twelve cassettes for a penny” offer. (I actually spent more than a penny on that, by the way, but I’m sure you already know that.) I’m pretty sure that they probably don’t do that deal anymore, unless iTunes has some sort of thing like that. However, I still have the cassettes.

Actually, my mother has those cassettes, because she’s probably the only person in this millennium that I know that still listens to that format of music. It might take a while before she gets into digital format, but I am ready for that day with the ION Audio Tape Express.

All a user needs to do is connect the Tape Express to the PC via USB, and allow the EZ tape converter software to turn that tape into an MP3 in hardly any time at all.

It is nice of ION audio to construct the Tape Express to resemble a very old-school Sony Walkman. By the way, you can actually use the Tape Express to play your old cassettes next time you are feeling a little old school. Hopefully it has a faster rewind than my old portable tape player.

You should be able to get the ION Audio Tape Express for about $80.


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