Control your Dreams with NovaDreamer

Lucid DreamsHave you ever been lying in bed asleep, having a great dream but also being conscious enough to intentionally influence the direction your dream takes?

This has happened to me on a few occasions and I just found out today this phenomenon is known as Lucid dreaming. I also didn’t realise you can train your mind to be able to lucid dream at will (whenever it’s happened to me before it’s been purely accidental, often on holiday when the heat disturbs my sleep pattern (or is it the beer)).

The NovaDreamer is a lucid dreaming course that helps train the mind to enter the lucid dreaming state (assuming you call it a state). The effects do sound very cool:

With practice, you’ll develop and increase your control over your dreams. Just a tiny amount of control can change your dreams into unforgettable experiences that will help you forget the difficulty of daily life. Tap into
your creativity. Experience unprecedented adventure and fantasy. Conquer your fears. Go beyond reality. NovaDreamer machine is wireless, and is worn while you sleep (does not touch your eyelids) and detects when you’re dreaming by sensing/detecting your REMs (rapid eye movements). You are then given a cue, light or sound, to enter your dream without awakening. Be free to embark on limitless adventures with your new lucidity. The entire course includes the NovaDreamer dream machine, comprehensive home study lucid dreaming training program.

I’d love to hear from anybody that has experienced lucid dreaming and whether the course could actually work. I have experienced it a few times and right enjoyed myself 🙂 but can’t lucid dream intentionally.

The course is available from LoneZone for $275.00

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