Control the volume of your portable device through your jacket zipper with the Zip Jacket

I think that the clothing industry is responding to the needs of the mobile industry. After all, my wife owns at least two or three sweaters that have a pocket for a phone or an MP3 player.
This particular jacket by Jennifer Darmour is the Zip. It is a stylish jacket that a unique ability for the user to control the volume via the zipper.
That’s right, you can zip up the jacket to turn your volume up or down to turn it down. There is a video after the jump if you don’t believe me.
Of course, I can’t really say that having a volume control in the zipper is practical. I mean, what if it is a cold day out and you need to zip down your jacket? It will certainly turn down your music.
Isn’t there some way to put this zipper on the jacket so it is as non-functional as some of the zippers on Michael Jackson’s jacket circa the eighties?
I’m sure that they will work out the details, and isn’t that lady nice-looking? By the way, there are some retractable earbuds to prevent them from bouncing around the neck.

ZIP from Dos Rios on Vimeo.