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Continuous Cold Therapy Knee Wrap should have you up and running in no time

cold-therapy-knee-wrapYou know that exercise is good for one’s health, but if you were to indulge in exercise the wrong way, then chances are there that you might experience an injury or two. Some injuries are minor enough that a little bit of rest will do, but others are not so — there might be a whole lot more time spent to recuperate, and you might not even have the luxury of indulging in that particular exercise in the future, either. Hiking can be pretty tough on the knees — and so are other kinds of impact sport, but if you have knee issues that require a cold wrap, then the $149.95 Continuous Cold Therapy Knee Wrap should be able to do the trick.

The Continuous Cold Therapy Knee Wrap is a cuff that can be continuously replenished using ice water alone for long-lasting cold therapy. This kind of therapy is able to relieve knee swelling and pain. Using it is a snap — all that you need to do is to wrap the cuff around your knee using the hook-and-loop straps, followed by attaching the tube to the ice water-filled insulated 1/2-gallon cooler which is elevated above it. Gravity will get to work as it causes the cuff to fill with cold water, resulting in the complete enclosing of a painful, swollen knee joint in a custom-fit cold compress. It should be effective enough in helping patients to get back on their feet more quickly after knee surgery, too.