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Contact Lens Helps you "See" Blood Sugar Levels

I did a post last week about a semi permanent tattoo that could monitor blood sugar in diabetics. It involved nanoparticles being injected beneath the skin that could constantly indicate blood glucose levels by changing color. There was a tremendous response to that post, and its no surprise, no one wants to be sticking themselves several times a day to test their blood.
Well, I thought you guys might be interested in another option that may not be that far off the horizon, how about a contact lens for diabetics that can change color in order to alert you to blood sugar levels utilizing a sugar sensing chemical? That would be pretty awesome right?
The contact lens senses the glucose in your tears, and if the sugar is not being metabolized correctly and glucose builds up in your body the lens will detect the problem and change color. Dr. Jun Hu explains that “it works just like the PH paper in your high school chemistry lab” Of course the person wearing the lens won’t see the change unless they look in a mirror. In order to measure actual blood sugar concentration, one would use a Smartphone app that ¬†analyzes a photograph of your eye.
The lenses have been under development for several years, and the only ones that exist are simply a prototype not yet approved for human use, however if the researches can cut through the red tape you might start hearing more about these lenses in 3 years or so. No word yet on price, but it looks like they would charge for the lenses and present the associated app at no charge. Very cool.

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