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This construction toy builds human-sized vehicles

Two days ago, I heard the name Wouter Scheublin for the first time. This guy might be the greatest inventor of our time. Not only has he created the Eight-legged Wooden Walking Table, but this construction toy concept. You know how Lego toys allow you to build awesome vehicles that only minifigures can drive, and they usually have to be pushed, by you? What if you were able to create pedal-powered creations that you can actually ride? This is what Mr. Scheublin is proposing, and it is downright cool. You will note that it comes with some interesting parts that look like the Lego Technic kits designed for older kids. Something tells me that these concept construction toys are designed with older kids in mind. Yes, there will be some nuts, bolts, chains, and gears involved, so using a wrench is a definite pre-requisite. Personally, I think this is a good model for bikes for the future. After all, most of them come in boxes anyway, and if there is some space in the box, you might has well put in some parts to make some other pedal-powered vehicles. In other words, I can totally see this construction toy easily transitioning into the bicycle industry. How about it, Schwinn? Source ]]>