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This Connectland USB Lock keeps Nosy Nancys out of your business

Connectland USB Lock

Do you have family members and friends who have problems with digging for information? They want to know everything about you, and even if it’s coming from a good place, they’re just a bit too nosy for their own good. We’re all allowed to keep some secrets, so if you want to keep some digital information safe and secure, it might be better to keep it on a USB, and out of sight.

Of course, if your friends and family are really that determined to dig up every morsel of information about you and your life, then you’re going to need to lock down your USB too. It should be said that if people close to you are this nosy about your life, you should probably have a good sit-down with them about this magical thing called personal space. This Connectland USB Lock should do the trick for keeping prying eyes away from delicate information.

This isn’t very expensive at only around $10, and is made of plastic with 3 metal number wheels that make up the combination lock. This is not super expensive, and will only do a mediocre job of keeping people away from your files, as any determined person with a hammer could easily get into this. Aside from that though, this will be enough to keep coworkers, family, and friends out of your digital business.

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