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Concept cellphone take Transformers route


The folks at Parkoz Hardware must be smoking some pretty strong stuff to come up with this Transformer-inspired cellphone, changing from your average clamshell handset into a bi-pedal mini weapon of mass destruction which looks like the ED-209 of Robocop fame. A pair of miniguns are more than enough to shred away anything in its path though, and could work great when it comes to threatening your boss for a pay raise. I wonder what the battery life is on this thing, and what do the miniguns actually use as bullets? Broken pieces of plastic?

Source: Gizmodo

18 thoughts on “Concept cellphone take Transformers route”

  1. This looks like the vulture or mad dog in Mechwarrior!!!

    PS: if you dont know the what i am talkin about go to google en search for pictures in this name “Mechwarrior Vulture”
    or the other if you want.

  2. really is this thing real? can i buy one? who will be the server?… i will so switch my carrier for this phone.

  3. Its not on sale and it never will be The video is computerized i dnt thnk they really made one of this thing…itss cool and awesome but lets not keep our hopes up. Thank you…

  4. is this shit real????????? if so, how does it work, and if it is real, are they for sale????

  5. must have it but not at some stupid expensive price. when do America gets forgo supply and demand and pay low prices for what we want. tired of seeing 1500 for a flatscreen tv that should have cost 250 dollars and my optimus prime at 60 dollars which should be 25 for the elite class. greed must stop these fools got mad profit. costumers must come first one of these days instead of profit.

  6. i just got the new transformer phone today, and i have to say it is the coolest thing in the world!! all my friends are jelous over it and i cant belive how it works! and look s! sooooo coool!

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