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The Conair Sound Therapy Pillow will drown out the noise in your mind

Conair Sound Therapy Pillow

When you lay down to sleep, all is quiet, dark, and calm. Seeing that we don’t really have time like that during the day, this is normally when our brain chooses to go wild. We think about all the things we have to do tomorrow, next week, or next year and replay events in our heads over and over again from the past. While some may need silence to sleep, there are times where having sound may aid you in drowning out the internal noise in your head.

The Conair Sound Therapy Pillow is a cotton-covered polyester pillow that will either play sounds for you, or let you hook in your MP3 player. There are 10 pre-programmed sounds to choose from, which include heartbeat, rain forest, falling rain, songbirds, ocean waves, thunderstorm, running stream, summer night, train, and white noise. If those are too generic (or loop too often to be comforting), then you can plug in your MP3, but keep in mind that the point is to play relaxing music.

You will have volume controls, so if you share a bed with someone, you can choose whether or not you want them to be able to hear it too. There are timers, so you can have the sound play for as long as it normally takes you to fall asleep. The timer options are 15, 30, and hour-long increments. This plushy pillow can be yours for $40, just keep in mind that washing this will likely be a bit more complicated than using a speaker or white noise machine next to your bed.

Available for purchase on Amazon, found via Redferret


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