Compwnent USB Nintendo NES Controller

It’s always nice to have a USB gaming controller that you’re comfortable with and enjoy using.  There are a few out there, one being the metal game pad shown here a couple months ago.  However, what if you could have a gaming controller that you were already overly familiar with?  I think for most gamers that would trump any extra perks other USB controllers claim to have.  Well now you can pick up an NES controller that has been modded to work with USB.

You can actually purchase this, this isn’t a situation where you will have to magically learn how to mod controllers.  I know despite there being a thorough tutorial that if you don’t have to tools and lack the mindset for that sort of thing it’s going to get you nowhere.  The USB controller also has the ability to work as a mouse.  If you press in a combination of letters then it kicks on the mouse function. It isn’t being mass produced though, it’s just one guy doing the mods so you’ll have to hurry if you plan to actually get a hold of one.  As of now he still has one NES controller in stock for $33.

Source: GamerFront

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