Computer Engineer Barbie – Does Barbie like Windows?

I have to admit that as a kid I was never a Barbie fan, and all that Ken business, I for one was glad when they broke-up. I always wondered why they never made “perfect divorce Barbie” She could have come with the Dream House, the Corvette and most of Ken’s stuff, including half his paycheck,   but no, they made baby-sitter Barbie, ballerina Barbie and dog groomer Barbie, dolls I could never really get into, until now…
Please meet the newest addition to the “Barbie I Can Be…” collection, and the first profession ever chosen by popular vote, the Barbie I Can Be a Computer Engineer doll. In my opinion, the coolest of all Barbie Dolls, THIS Barbie comes complete with a cool pink laptop with case, a hot pink smartphone and a headset. Dressed in perfect geek-chic Barbie wears a binary design t-shirt with leggings and pink sneakers and her face is adorned with the almost mandatory, squarish framed glasses.
These dolls and their accessories were meant to empower girls to try out different roles and imagine themselves in may different professions, and Barbie has had a lot of them, from a student teacher in 1965 to a paratrooper in 2000, and everything in between, but I am happy to welcome Barbie to the world of high tech. This digital girl also comes with a special code that unlocks online career content allowing for some computer play, and a Barbie I Can Be app for the iPhone… how perfect!
Get your Barbie at for under $13.00 bucks.

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