CompuBeaver looks too freaky

compu-beaver.jpgJust when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes the CompuBeaver computer case mod that is guaranteed to freak you out the moment you lay your eyes on this beast of a machine (no pun intended). Created by artist Kasey McMahon (trust an artist who sees the world in an abstract format to come out with something truly controversial which unsettles the norm), this computer case mod scores top marks for originality. Why do I say so? For staters, it uses an old piece of beaver taxidermy, and for those who still can’t quite believe this morbid piece of tech, it really works. The CompuBeaver really brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “skinning your PC”. After all, what better way to do it than use the real, preserved thing?

The foam insides of the deceased were hollowed out using an electric cutter, and in went the traditional computing parts such as an Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 2.0GHz processor, a 160GB laptop hard drive, 1GB of DDR2 667MHz RAM, an AOpen Mini ITX A-I945GTT-VFA (RoHS) motherboard with an external power supply, a Panasonic UJ-85J 8X Slim DVD Burner, and a Tornado 80mm fan which sticks out just above its back end to lend a truly unique look.

The red button on the beaver’s belly is not the fabled red ring of death that plagues Xbox 360 owners, but has a more noble function by resurrecting the dead beaver to computing life courtesy of good old fashioned electricity. There is no price attached to the CompuBeaver since it will probably be a one off project, but those who have bitten onto this idea can always try to construct a server rack from the preserved carcass of a bear. Heck, you can also create a LAN gaming room right in the belly of a blue whale while you’re at it.

Source: Kotaku