Comploo shelter from Bakoko is heated by compost

Someday, we will all have to live in these tiny little saucer-shaped homes! Yeah, I know, I say that like that is a good thing.

In fact, this shelter/living quarters is probably the home of choice during the apocalypse, whether it be caused by robots or zombies.

This structure is from Japanese company design-firm known as Bakoko. Granted, there doesn’t appear to be a lot of room on the inside, but at least it is energy efficient.

You see, this Comploo house, as it is called uses compost waste for energy. It may not be enough energy to operate your computer, but it will enough to heat your home.

Of course, I believe that composted energy is full of bacteria and germs that make it not feasible for a heating source for a regular home.

I’m sure Comploo thought of bacteria when they made this, which might be why the man in the picture is shoveling what looks like leaves in the window there.

Of course, they wouldn’t be windows if you only just put compost in them, would they? Perhaps this is why there is a huge transparent cap on the Comploo house, so you can see outside somehow.

Well, this is experimental technology right now, but I wouldn’t mind taking the Comploo on a camping trip.

Just one question: why is it called Comploo? Is that that some word mesh with the word igloo?


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