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The Completely Reflective Safety Umbrella could save your life

reflective-safety-umbrellaI would like to think of the umbrella being an extremely basic tool when it comes to offering shade in the midst of the sweltering sun, or protection from rain when the heavens open up and pour down, for humans and pets. With the $39.95 Completely Reflective Safety Umbrella, however, it does seem to add another dimension of protecting its user, where it would arrive pretty handy during the early mornings as well as at dusk or night. After all, visibility certainly drops by a large percentage whenever it starts to rain, and that would affect those who walk to their workplace or back from it. The situation is not helped if you happen to wear dark colored clothing on that particular day, too.

I would suppose that this is the reason behind the Completely Reflective Safety Umbrella, where it boasts of a completely reflective exterior in order to deliver safe, dry walks on dark, rainy nights. It will be different from the other lesser, safety umbrellas that are in the market, since those just sport a tiny bunch of lights that are located on the tips or narrow reflective bands. This particular street-smart model will end up being a fully glowing dome whenever light falls upon it, which would make you stand out like a sore thumb in the eyes of a motorist. Sporting a waterproof polyester canopy that looks a subtle gray in daylight, it has a high-viscosity coating that will be embedded with microscopic beads which will reflect light, letting it glow white in the dark.

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