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Competition Time – Win a 42″ LG LCD TV


I’m delighted to announce we have a great prize to give away to somebody for Christmas. We’ve teamed up with the cool guys over at LG and are giving away a brand new and cool 42″ LED TV (42SL9000) to one of our UK readers (sorry to our non-UK readers more international competitions will be coming soon).

Reviews of the 42SL9000:

The first is the new BORDERLESS SL9000 Edge LED TV. The Edge LED TV has it’s backlight actually around the edges of the screen allowing it to measure just 2.9cm in thickness. The glass on the front of the screen also goes right to the edge sitting flush with the bezel making it a complete smooth panel to hang on the wall. The screen is full HD at 1080p and offers amazing picture quality. Gadget Venue

The 1080p LG SL9000’s a slicker version of the SL80 unveiled back in July, rocking the same tiny frame margins. The difference? The LG SL9000 boasts edge LED tech to give it an even smoother finish. Not only is the new LG SL9000 borderless though, it’s almost two dimensional, as it’s less than 3cm thick – ideal for pasting on to the wall. Electric Pig

Glorious to look at, exceptionally well-specified and boasting plenty of features, the LG 42SL9000 makes an admirable attempt at stealing Samsung’s super-slim-TV crown. But a few shortcomings in the picture-quality department make it a likeable rather than irresistible TV, and, unusually for LG, it struggles to justify its cost. cnet

We are going to raffle the TV on Christmas Eve (12PM GMT) so one lucky gadget fan will have an extra special Christmas present, there are three different ways to enter the raffle (multiple entries allowed):

* Become a fan of Coolest Gadgets on Facebook (existing fans will be automatically entered 🙂 )

* Follow us on Twitter and tweet: I’ve entered to win a 42″ LG LCD TV with @GadgetsCoolest (Retweet to enter)

* Leave a comment on this post telling us what LG stands for.

By doing all three you will have 3 entries in the raffle. The closing date of the contest is Christmas Eve at 12pm GMT and just to reiterate it is only open to UK readers (grrr). Best of luck.

409 thoughts on “Competition Time – Win a 42″ LG LCD TV”

  1. got to love Wikipedia!

    Lucky (from the Korean “Lakhui”) and GoldStar, from which the abbreviation of LG was derived.

    : )

  2. Legato Grandisimo, honoring the legacy of Fernando Grandisimo, the inventor in the 1880s of the giant postcard. The Grandisimo family went on to create the enormous singing greeting card, big novelty sunglasses, and, in 1972, the incredibly large “We’re #1” foam finger. Interestingly, it was Emelda Grandisimo Gorton who termed the phrase “jumbo shrimp”, of which the Korean owners of LG are very fond.

  3. – stands for “lucky goldstar”, which presumably sounded too much like a stripper’s name so they changed it…

  4. LG stands for Life is Good or Life’s Good. We live in an incredible time where technology has made our lives easier and LG has produced some incredible products that Look Good (LG) too.

  5. straight from the web this is what i found.

    LG Group is a large South Korean chaebol (conglomerate), which produces electronics, mobile phones, and petrochemical products and operates subsidiaries like LG Electronics. LG Group sponsors the LG Cup Go Tournament.

    Created in 1947, it assumed the abbreviated name of “LG” in 1995. LG is an abbreviation of “Lucky Geumseong” (럭키금성) in South Korea, which is translated into English as Lucky Venus (Goldstar). Before then, many consumer electronics were sold under the brand name Goldstar, while some other household products (not available outside South Korea) were sold under the brand name of Lucky. The Lucky brand was famous for household cleaning products and laundry detergents in South Korea. Before massive industrialization of South Korean society, the name Lucky was synonymous with toothpaste. More recently, the company has attempted to update its moniker by suggesting that “LG” stands for “Life is Good” (as evidenced by the current company tagline), though cynics view this as baptismal back-pedaling.

    also from the web (LG site)

    give some info about the logo.

    as for what LG means to me “live great”

    i know i am not eligable to win since i am not a UK reader, feel free to donate the tv to a worthy cause/ charity. maybe a childrens hospital or a womens shelter? merry christmas to the winner

  6. originally stood for Lucky Goldstar, but now the slogan Life’s Good

    fan on Facebook & twittered @sophsam01

  7. Wierd we were just talking about this the other day. It’s Lucky Goldstar, although it does now also stand for the new slogan ‘Life’s Good

  8. LG was introduced to the Western market as “Lucky Goldstar” but is currently used as “Life’s Good”. This describes my 2009 but I’m only looking to improve in 2010 so I can say that that my “Life’s Great” 🙂

  9. Instead of following Everyone else and putting the obvious answer… I’ll just state this… Whom ever wins this tv, will be an LG (Lucky Guy)

  10. The name LG comes from the merger of the companies Lucky (from the Korean “Lakhui”) and GoldStar. However, the LG initials are currently used as a slogan standing for “Life’s Good” but this is a backronym.

  11. LG stood for ‘Lucky Goldstar’ Now stands for ‘Life’s Good’. It certainly would be good with a tele of this size in my living room!

  12. LG originally came from the Brand names Lucky & Goldstar but more recently has been associated with the Lifes Good logo.

  13. “LUcky Goldstar”, now “Life’s Good”.

    But what about the “Little Guy” swimming through the screen !!

  14. LG is not an acronym, so there is no full name as such. LG derives from the names of two different businesses – Lucky and Goldstar.

    According to the current slogan, LG stands for Life’s Good, but the answer you’re probably looking for is Lucky Goldstar.

  15. Lucky Goldstar. Then, Life’s Good. What if it was changed to just “Lusciously Great”? Or am I out of the spirit of this contest?

  16. LG used to stand for “Lucky Goldstar” but now stands for 2Life’s Good”
    Can honestly say that in my opinion LG tvs are the most gorgeous on the market. Ours is an amazing tv and all our friends now plan to get an LG

  17. Used to be “Lucky Goldstar”, now use the “Life’s Good” line but not sure if LG actually stands for anything anymore.

  18. LG stands for Lak-Hui GoldStar (Lucky Goldstar) after the the Lak-hui company who formed in 1947 and Goldstar who Formed in 1958.

    1995 Lak-Hui Goldstar abbreviated their name for the western market to become know as LG. More recently, the company associates its tagline “Life’s Good”, with the letters LG

  19. LG stands for Life’s Good, the only reason I know this is because I bought an LG Blu-ray player the other day and it was written on the box!

  20. originally stood for Lucky Goldstar, but now the slogan Life’s Good

    Facebook fan & tweeted @dolls123

  21. In 1995, so as to better compete in the Western market, the company was renamed “LG”, the abbreviation of “Lucky GoldStar”. More recently, the company associates its tagline “Life’s Good”, with the letters LG


  22. Well i answered this earlier with Lucky Goldstar for which i still think it is but people are saying it is also being called Life’s Good.

    I am assured that Lucky Goldstar is still the name but throughing in the answer Life’s Good too as would hate to loose out over misconception.

  23. “Lucky Goldstar”

    Originally derived from Lak-Hui, these days, the company tends to use the tag line “Life’s Good”

  24. Lucky Goldstar originally but they now use the slogan ‘Life’s Good’ so either I guess.

    Or it could be ‘Large Giblets’…


  25. LG=Lucky Goldstar / Life’s Good

    and thanks to Vince for both the answer for everyone and the kind thoughts to others in need this Christmas

  26. In 1995, so as to better compete in the Western market, the company was renamed “LG”, the abbreviation of “Lucky GoldStar”. More recently, the company associates its tagline “Life’s Good”, with the letters LG.

  27. It used to be Lucky Goldstar back in day, but now LG seem to be trying to modernise it by having it as Life is good.

    I don’t expect to win as there must be tens of thousands of entrants but I shall be waiting with baited breath to see what the winning answer actually is!!! Have a merry christmas all 🙂

  28. I resist so many of these competitions, but I would like a new TV for my new house 🙂

    Lucky Goldstar originally – now Life’s Good

  29. Two companies merged. One company name was Lucky and the other was Gold Star.But now it is Life’s Good

  30. LG officially stands for Lucky Goldstar. Although I think that, in the context of the picture above, it stands for Let’s Get out of here before the terrifying giant baby gets any further out of the screen and snuffs out our lives like the girl from The Ring.

  31. LG is abbreviation of old company name Lucky Goldstar. It also stands for the company strapline Life’s Good

  32. Hi guyz.. I love ur team & ur products… Fingures crossed… Hope i will win.. 🙂

    Cheers… Keep up the good work!!

  33. (LG- meaning is know as Lucky Goldstar)The LG Group is South Korea’s third largest conglomerate that produces electronics, chemicals, and telecommunications products and operates subsidiaries like LG

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