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This Compact Strider is an Elliptical Trainer for under your desk

Stamina Compact Strider

Sitting at a desk all day is not good for your health. Especially when you get really into your work and don’t notice that you haven’t moved or eaten anything in 6 or more hours. If you want to keep yourself moving while you’re stationary, getting a standing desk, bouncy ball chair, or some other method of forced exercise could help.

If you don’t want to stand at your desk for the fear of accidentally locking your knees too much and knocking yourself out or constantly losing your balance on a ball chair, then maybe this Stamina InMotion Compact Strider could help. This is a very compact elliptical trainer that is supposed to go under your desk so you can pedal while you work. It has adjustable tension, has a fitness monitor to keep track of the distance, and has a handle so you can move it to and fro.

There are large non-slip pedals that should fit any size feet with heavy-duty wheels that will roll on a steel base. Since is uses an elliptical motion, you won’t have any pressure put on your joints. It’s a great way to meet your steps goals for your fitness apps, and will be quiet enough to not make your coworkers go insane. This is no small beans product, as you’ll be looking at paying around $99 for this device, but if it’s going to help with your overall health, then it’s not too bad of an investment, right?

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