The Most Compact Portable Air Conditioner keeps you cool this summer

portable air conditioner

Summer is definitely not joke at all for those of us who are averse to the sweltering heat, although many people would love to get a tan under the sun during summer. Still, there are times when the heat gets unbearable, and you wished that you were in the sanctuary where the air conditioning is turned on at full blast. Well, the idea of portable air conditioners has been around for some time already, but how many of them actually work as advertised? The $549.95 Most Compact Portable Air Conditioner intends to get the job done with much aplomb, while taking up as little space as possible.

The Most Compact Portable Air Conditioner is one portable air conditioner that delivers 12,000 BTU of cooling power all the while taking up a mere 13/4′ sq. of floor space, which is less than an end table. It is roughly half the size of comparable models, where it boasts of a 24-hour automatic timer that turns the unit on or off at pre-set times, while relying on an eco-friendly refrigerant gas so that it can improve its overall efficiency. The unit itself also doubles up as a dehumidifier, thanks to its unique design that recycles condensation within the machine as it pumps the water over the condensing coils, saving one from constantly having to empty a drip tray. There is a flexible exhaust hose that vents out of most standard windows without obscuring the view outdoors. It has a cabinet that maneuvers easily on four heavy-duty casters, while the unit boasts of a trio of fan speeds, a digital thermostat, and a remote that allows users to control the room temperature with ease.