Communication Gadget Concept

Presenting a concept gadget for communication so cool it is only known as the Communication Gadget.

As you can see, that metal tube has some “pop-out” feet and can project a keyboard and some textual display there. I am assuming that there is some sort of sensor to detect the fingers tapping for input.

This isn’t the first time that I have seen a device with a projected keyboard before with sensors, but this one can directly to an ICQ server.

The text above this keyboard must be just text, and I don’t see any possibility of it doing any more advanced graphics than this. After all, it only has a red laser thing going on.

I think that we all know that this is where computers and mobiles are headed. That is, a projector that can make a keyboard and display and make any wall, tabletop, floor, or ceiling into a PC.

You know what it reminds me of? One of those old pneumatic tubes back in the day. I don’t think anyone uses those any more, but my bank’s drive-thru still has them.

This also reminds me of the LuminAR robotic desk lamp that MIT student Nathan Linder created the other day, presumably in his spare time.


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