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Comfortably Light Your Way

As daylight savings end and we plunge into earlier darkness you should check on the status of your flashlights. We certainly don’t let the dark prevent us from walking places. But dang, carrying a cylindrical flashlight sure is not comfortable. Face it, a standard flashlight may be good for holding in your mouth while you crawl in the attic. But for walking the dog or taking an evening stroll the shape is awkward. Not to mention the fact that the beam never seems to cover everything you want to see.
Let me introduce the Nightlighter, $19.95 on firstSTREET. First off the unit fits nicely in the hand and the weight is very well balanced as batteries are housed closer to the handle. It seems a natural in the hand. And there is not just one light. Four ultra bright LEDs face forward and two ultra bright LEDs point downward. Yes, two focuses for the light. No more flipping the flashlight up and down and up and down. See what is at your feet while not taking light off of where you are headed. And if you don’t need both beams simply flip the three-way switch move between both lights or one or the other. The thumb rest contains the on/off switch for easy access. Three AAA batteries are included too.  So whether for you or someone in your life, if you walk at night walk in comfort and light with the Nightlighter.