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The Comfort Glow Compact Electric Fireplace adds style and warmth to your home


Living in a house with a fireplace seems like a wonderful idea. You can cut down on your heating bill by keeping a roaring fire going, and warm yourself next to flickering flames while sipping on some hot cocoa. Of course, that’s the fantasy version. In reality, your whole house will smell like wood smoke, you have to keep up with cleaning out the flue, and occasionally forget to open the vent, filling the house with smoke.

If you want the heat and aesthetics without the hassle, then there are plenty of options out there that will fit the bill. The Comfort Glow Compact Electric Fireplace has a “Vintage Oak Finish” that may or may not look realistic, and has a glowing log and ember bed housed inside. To make it feel more authentic, there’s even a flickering flame effect. There’s a heat-circulating blower, and you can control the heat from afar thanks to a remote control.

You can adjust the temperature as you see fit, though do try to be smart about placement so nothing sets on fire. Companies try their hardest to make that sort of thing hard to do, but human ingenuity and carelessness alike can cause a disaster pretty quickly. You’ll need to make sure you have space for this freestanding fireplace, and an outlet to plug it into. While there are a multitude of cheaper options out there for a space heater, this relatively large pretty one will cost you $249. Let’s just hope that this sort of thing doesn’t end up being a necessity this year.

Available for purchase on WayFair