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The Comfort U Body Support Pillow wraps you in a warm hug while you sleep

Comfort U Body Pillow 1

While some people easily get warm and don’t like to sleep with more than a sheet, others prefer to be almost smothered in pillows and blankets. There’s nothing wrong with either method of sleeping, so long as you are doing so comfortably. If you fit the description of the latter, then you likely enjoy inundating your bed with more cushy pillows than there is room for.

If you want that all-encompassing feeling of being surrounded by all that is squishy without having to find a multitude of cushions on the floor the next morning, a body pillow may be your new best friend. Of course, a sausage pillow might not be enough to satiate your need for comfort. The U Body Support Pillow is a U-shape cotton pillow that will cradle your body in its entirety. This should cut down on the tossing and turning you do to keep your neck, back, shoulders, and hips aligned at night.

Filled with a fiber called Fusion Foss, this will never flatten, clump, or lump. This stands about as tall as someone who is 5′ 6”, so it should be quite cozy for a variety of heights. This will cost you anywhere from $99-150, and should aid you in your quest for finding a good night of sleep. If comfort is not your main concern, there are always other ways to make a calm environment in your room for an optimal sleep cycle.

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