Combination Bottle Lock

Sipping on some wine is always pleasurable, especially when you want to unwind, and there is soothing music playing in the background. Of course, having a companion while doing so is also a good thing (for those who do not want to be alone but rather, prefer to be around people), but sometimes, it can be rather hard trying to estimate just how many bottles of wine can you and your mate finish in one sitting – too much wine and you might tip over drunk, too little and the “glow” doesn’t happen. Well, with the £14.95 Combination Bottle Lock, it does not really matter any more – just drink enough, and when you are done, lock your bottle up!
It is one of the more creative methods of ensuring your bottle of wine or spirits remain locked up from other “thirsty” people at home who cannot be bothered to spend their own money on booze, but prefer to freeload on your generosity instead. Once you set the combination, it is an effective bottle stopper, and I do not think anyone would be foolish enough to use the brute force method just to crack open this bottle of wine.