Colour morphing eggs.

These colour morphing egg-shaped lights could be cool. They’re wireless, rechargeable, and phase through eight different colours from red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, pink, to purple – and then stick at red when the internal batteries are flat some 6 hours later.

I’m sure children would go crazy for them, and would actually look forward to going to bed at night if you promised them they could take these multi-coloured glowing eggs up to the bedroom with them!

In their off-state they’re white and look as fragile as eggs in the pictures, but the manufacturers assure that they are soft and pliable to the touch, children-friendly, and can even be dropped without damaging them.

Simply leave them on their stand during the day, and they will recharge within 9 to 11 hours. When it gets dark, switch them back on and they will glow in these 8 different translucent colours throughout the night, adding a touch of warmth to the bedroom.

They don’t use cables so they can be removed from their charging stand and can be left lying anywhere in the bedroom.

Once the children have fallen asleep you can sneak in and take them back into the living room; or even better, run a bath, open a bottle of champagne, switch off the bathroom lights, and enjoy some romantic quality-time with your partner.

Found (indirectly) via Gadget Candy.

Available from The Gadget Store for £40.