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ColorWare Special Edition Illusion Beats Studio Headphones

Most of us do not bother to pick up a decent pair of headphones to go along with our smartphones, simply because we are not serious with our music. However, that does not mean that there is another group out there who pay serious attention to the kind of music which goes through their ears, settling for nothing less than the highest bitrate on their audio files which has been transferred over to their portable media player or smartphones of choice. Apart from a high quality audio file, the next logical step to take would be to have a decent or at least high end pair of headphones to go along with your device. ColorWare has come up with something which can be said to be their expertise, tapping into their years of experience when it comes to customizing high-end electronics, with the release of the Special Edition Illusion Beats Studio Headphones. No doubt Beats by Dre are the popular choice with music lovers just about everywhere, and ColorWare has kicked things up by a notch to make these headphones all the more irresistible. For a limited time only, ColorWare will be offering Beats by Dre Studio headphones with an iridescent finish. What makes this iridescent finish so special? Well, it really depends on which angle you would look at it from, where the iridescent paint will deliver a dramatic color changing effect, never mind when you are even in a low-light environment. There are three different color shifting paint finishes from ColorWare for you to choose from, including Blue to Red-color shifts from blue to warm red, purple and copper, Red to Gold-color shifts from red to orange, gold and slights hints of maroon, and Gold to Silver-color shifts from gold to radiant, yet icy, silvery blue and green. Since these will be special edition headphones, you can be sure that such exclusivity will not come cheap. We are talking about the Illusion Beats by Dre headphones retailing for a cool $1,000 apiece, where they will come with an embroidered, black Ultrasuede carrying case for that added touch of luxury. The headphones themselves will ship within two to three weeks’ time if you have deep enough pockets. Press Release]]>