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This Color-Changing LED Moon Lamp gives your place a spacey feel

Moon Mood Lamp

If you aren’t impressed with space, it’s likely because you don’t take the time to learn about it. We’re a cosmic dust mote that floats along in one of the millions and millions of galaxies in the known universe. Best of all is that we sort of look like a floating blueberry if you’re far enough away. Thankfully NASA exists, so we have photos to prove that fact.

If you think space is absolutely amazing and want to deck out your pad with stars and planets, then you’re going to love this LED Moon Lamp. It’s quite a bit like a lot of other lighting options we’ve seen that have a remote which will let you choose different colors for your light. However, this one is shaped like the moon, and it is textured so that you can see all the little dips and craters that exist on the surface. Those who are moon fans can tell us whether or not it’s an exact copy.

This has 16 different color settings, with options of flashing, strobe, fade, or smooth transition. Thanks to its options it’s a bit of a mood lamp as well! This is powered off of 3 AAA batteries which it does not come with, but the remote will need a different kind of battery to function and it will thankfully arrive with the product. This will cost you around $18, and despite being only 12 x 12 x 12cm, it’s bound to light up your room just as well as the real thing on a clear night.

Available for purchase on red5

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