The Color Muse helps you choose precise hues for everything from paint to clothes


Color, much like music, can evoke certain emotions out of us. It’s funny, because if the shade of color is just slightly altered, a vibrant blue or warm red might not have the same affect on us as it would have otherwise. If you work in artistic fields, then you know how important it is to keep those colors exact, especially when it comes to a finished product.

While you will still likely fight with a┬áprinter if you’re dealing with digital art, you can at least start off with the color you want through Color Muse. This is a portable hand-held device that you can place directly onto any item that has a color you like, and that will add it to a color library on your phone. This means you can log colors from flower petals, carpet, paint, sweaters, and basically anything else. From there it will show you similar colors, and where you can pick up paint of the color you like.

The app is available separate from this device, but you will obviously be getting more precision by purchasing the $49 accessory. You’ll also be able to look at entire interiors that were decorated based on the colors you chose. Obviously this would be something professionals would love to use, as well as those of us who just like to play around with colors. Doing interior decorating on your own would certainly be much easier with this as well.