Color Coded Cutting Boards prevent Cross Contamination

One of the chef issues with food preparation, aside from the dreaded salmonella, is cross-contamination. Cross contamination is where you use the same cutting board to cut your chicken as you do your vegetables and bacteria or other contaminates from their way from one to the other. No big deal if the cook is making Pasta Primavera, but if it’s a chicken salad, then that dreaded “S” word can rear it’s ugly head if the cook forgets to wash the cutting board between dishes. Unless, of course, they have this nifty color-coded set of cutting boards.

Dubbed the “Index Index Chopping Board set, the set of 4 cutting boards are not only color coded, but come with nifty icons representive meat, fish, veggies and fruits. Not only can cooks avoided cross contamination of nasty bacteria, but also flavors which can cause any dish to go awry. Made of polypropylene, each board is dishwasher-safe and can be easily stored away in the supplied, non-slip filing folder. Dimensions are 13″ x 3.25″ x 9.5″ (W x L x H).

The 4 board set costs about $80 from GNR8 and comes with free shipping. Course, you could just go to WalMart and buy 4 cutting boards for about $20 and mark them with a sharpie, but you wouldn’t have those pretty colors or a nifty cutting board filing cabinet.

Hat Tip – The Giz