Color Changing Umbrella

If you have stayed in London for some years, you would know that carrying around an umbrella is always a good idea – as well as for those living in tropical countries, as the umbrella not only keeps the glare and heat off from your skin, it also makes sure you remain somewhat dry to a certain extent should the heavens decide to feel extra generous and pour out its abundant “blessings” onto the masses down here. Well, if you are going to tote an umbrella around, you might as well make the most of it with the £19.99 Color Changing Umbrella.
The name of this umbrella gives the game away, where this rather compact device will feature a white raindrop pattern located around the canopy, making it more than enough to be an attraction the moment you lay your eyes on it, and should it come into contact with water, the white drops will suddenly bloom into a full spectrum of colors as though an invisible fairy flitted past and sprinkled some magic dust on it. The design will revert to white when all is dry, changing color only when it is wet. This is made possible thanks to a layer of white hydro-chromatic ink coated across, although I am not quite sure just how long this special coating can last.