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The Collar Perfect Travel Iron will make you look perfectly professional

Collar Perfect

They say that your first impression is the most important one, and that is true. If you’re a jerk to people with mustard stains from the day prior on your shirt, you can imagine how highly people are going to think of you. Rather than working to improve your image from the bottom up, it’s better to be completely equipped from the get-go, looking and acting your best.

In the business world, you want to make sure your shoes are shined, your hair is coiffed masterfully, and your clothing is pressed to perfection. Of course, the traveling part makes it difficult to get everything right since all the things you normally have at your disposal at home aren’t with you. You’ll need to buy travel size versions of things you use, like this Collar Perfect Travel Iron. It’s not as good as getting your clothes straight from the cleaners, but it will let you iron out any wrinkles or creases that might muck up your image.

This can handle quick touch-ups or do the job of a full-scale iron thanks to the clamp which can flip outwards, though it would take quite a while to do. There are 6 heat settings for linen, denim, cotton, wool, silk, and polyester to make sure that no material is left out. The power cord can rotate so that you can move and iron as you need. This device is going to cost you $34.95, and will work with either 110 or 220V power requirements.

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