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Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush E1 revealed

colgate-connect-e1When we talk about carbonated drinks, Pepsi and Coca-Cola do come to mind, and oral health care tends to see the name Colgate pop up frequently. Well, we are stoked to see how Colgate continues to push forward development in the realm of oral care with the release of the Smart Electric Toothbrush E1 that is available on select Apple stores as well as online via This is definitely a step forward as this toothbrush features artificial intelligence, enabling users to enjoy real-time feedback about their brushing habits in order to take far better care of their oral health.

Not only that, the new Smart Electric Toothbrush E1 will also be able to take advantage of Apple ResearchKit as long as the user gives it proper permission, in order to crowdsource toothbrushing data so that it will end up all the more smarter concerning oral care, which might be able to accelerate innovation in the future. The goal of introducing the Smart Electric Toothbrush E1 is to ensure that people end up with the best and most healthy smile by brushing their best, and this requires insight into one’s brushing habits which the Apple ResearchKit will be able to help in such a case.

With the new Colgate Smart Electric Toothbrush E1, it is able to offer real-time feedback so that brushing habits can be improved. Another unseen benefit would be the prevention of problems before they even have the chance to begin. Specially designed with the help of dentists, this brush will boast of real-time sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms that allow it to detect brushing effectiveness across 16 zones of the mouth. It will rely on Bluetooth connectivity and sonic vibrating technology to hook up to a smartphone or tablet, and will arrive with an asking price of $99.95 apiece.

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