Coleman Solar Battery Charger

Having experienced a dead battery in your vehicle is surely one of life’s moments where nearly all drivers know. The Coleman Solar Battery Charger will help prevent that from happening, sending a “trickle” charge to the battery as long as it feeds on sunlight. Just make sure you place it in a strategic spot.

Here’s an easy and inexpensive way to keep your car’s 12V battery charged. Place this solar-powered charger on the dash or window for best sun exposure, then plug it into the car’s cigarette lighter. It sends a “trickle” charge to the battery, preventing it from being drained by the clock, radio memory or an alarm which uses power even when the ignition is off. Great for use with ATVs, snow vehicles and vintage cars that are used infrequently. Suction cups hold it on the windshield or garage window. 10-ft. power cable. Includes a battery clamp adapter that lets you connect it directly to a battery, if desired.

It will cost you $29.95 to bring home the Coleman Solar Battery Charger. Perfect for folks with fleets of vintage cars, while we poor plebeians who find it difficult enough to maintain a single car aren’t to likely to run into a dead battery situation from NOT using our vehicle often enough.

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