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The ColdSmoke All-Weather Journal is as rugged as you are

ColdSmoke All-Weather Journal

There are two types of people in this world: those who take notes, and those who do not. If you are the former, then you likely have your preferences for how to go about it. Some like keeping everything on their phone, but others like to go the old-fashioned route and jot things down with pen and paper. If you are always on the go and sometimes find yourself stuck out in the elements, then you know how difficult it can be to keep your notes from being destroyed.

Thanks to science, you can now just get a ColdSmoke All-Weather Journal and not worry about whether it’s sunny or raining to write down your thoughts. Never again will you have to worry that a rainy walk to the office or majestic romp through a forest is going to destroy hours worth of writing. While the creators are not about to share their secret of how they made paper you can immerse in a pond and still write on, we’re not about to question things so long as it works.

These are not necessarily cheap at $17 a pop, but for those that are always outside it’s a great way to let your creativity flow regardless of the situation. This would likely be the best gift ever to college students who have to walk to class and deal with inclement weather regularly. It’s also a great conversation piece, but wouldn’t be a topic until it’s raining and you need to write something down.

Available for purchase on coldsmokeco