Coin Shrinking Money Box

coin-shrinking-money-boxPiggy banks are dime a dozen in terms of design and theme, but the Coin Shrinking Money Box is certainly unique since it boasts some rather magical properties (others would say it is an optical illusion), where all you need to do is pop down your spare change and see it shrink right before your very eyes!

Of course, it really is an illusion, and you’ll always be able to get your money back again at the correct size – just open up the compartment at the rear and watch your pennies cascade forth. Or for anyone concerned about appearances, it’s made from hardy black plastic, and the interior of the box features an attractive Paisley wallpaper design, so even aesthetically it’s the coolest place to put your wonga. If you’re saving the pennies or even if you just need something to remind you that magic definitely exists, then you should get your hands on the Coin Shrinking Money Box and watch your money shrink while it grows.

Bear in mind that the £6.99 Coin Shrinking Money Box works only with UK coins, but even so the slot that comes with it will not take in £1 coins – strange decision, that. If you can’t get your little one to start saving, some “magic” coin box might just be your tool of persuasion!

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