Coil Lamp is light on materials


If you’re not into the normal lamps that you can easily find for incredibly cheap prices, here’s one that’ll make people take a moment to understand what they’re looking at.  Instead of this being a lamp constructed of things like wood and a fabric lamp shade, it’s made out of its own wire.  Yes, the wire used to power the bulb is also the one the wraps around the frame to create the classic lamp shape that you’re likely quite familiar with.

This was originally a concept created for a design show, but is now an actual product that you can purchase for your home.  It comes in two different forms, the first one is the full kit, but you are required to purchase and wrap a 100 foot extension cord onto the laser-cut acrylic frame.  That version will cost you slightly less at $75 a piece.  Then there is the other version that comes with an orange extension cord already hand-coiled by the designer.  That one will cost you $150 per lamp.

Source: Technabob