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The Coffee-Infused Aviator Jacket from Ministry of Supply – smell like success

Aviator Jacket

Dealing with a long day at work can leave you looking and smelling a bit frazzled. Working in an office setting, you always want to be looking your best, and you can’t exactly do that with pit stains and smelling as though your deodorant wore off hours ago. If you’ve got the money, using the ClickStick we looked at recently would help, but there are always going to be days when you need more assistance than some anti-perspirant.

If you want a suit that is as powerful as it looks, then you’re going to like what the Ministry of Supply has to offer. The Aviator Jacket has 4-way stretch fabric, rubberized buttons for extra grip, and best of all, the lining has been infused with recycled coffee grounds so you’ll have some measure of odor control just by putting this on. There’s also a water-repellant polymer wax on the material so that any water that touches it will immediately bead up and fall off, keeping you dry in a rainstorm.

There are a variety of sizing options available and to keep things simple, this is machine wash only. Of course, you will want to keep it on low heat to keep the integrity of the fabric. This is a $278 purchase that comes in color options of midnight blue and charcoal. They’re quickly selling out, so you’ll want to hop on ordering unless you don’t mind a bit of a wait.

Available for purchase on ministryofsupply, found via gizmodiva