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Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee maker comes enabled with WeMo

mr-coffeeAre all coffee makers created equal? Apparently, that is not the case, especially when you take into consideration how the “smart” bandwagon continues to roll on, and home appliances such as coffee makers are also not exempt from the situation. Belkin has worked alongside Mr. Coffee, and their collaboration has resulted in the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee maker that comes enabled with WeMo capability. With the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee maker that features WeMo connectivity built-in, consumers will now be able to brew, schedule and monitor the device directly from their very own smartphones – or tablets, too, using the WeMo app.

After all, there are over 100 million daily coffee drinkers in the US alone, which means that coffee makers have ended up as an indispensable part of the kitchen. Not only that, coffee making ends up as a very personal ritual for a lot of people, which is why the Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee maker would definitely be an addition worth having around the home – or perhaps, the office as well.

The Mr. Coffee Smart Coffee maker enabled with WeMo happens to be a smartphone-controllable coffeemaker that will enable users to enjoy remote access to all of the coffee maker’s functions without being there physically. This places it in an ideal position for those busy weekday mornings and lazy Saturdays, as it ensures that each cup of coffee that you sip from would be freshly brewed. You are able to set a schedule to have coffee ready every weekday morning at 7:30, so that you will be in time to catch the morning commute, or perhaps ensure that the dinner table has the right brew as you wind down your day.

The WeMo app is the one that holds everything together, since users are able to start or monitor the coffee maker regardless of where they are. Heck, you can schedule your brew times up to a month in advance, now how about that? Expect this unique coffee maker to be made available for $149.99 a pop.

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  1. A smartphone controlled coffee maker is just about the dumbest product ideas I’ve heard of in s long time. What is the point of programming the thing remotely to make you a cup of coffee in the morning when you have to go to it and fill it with water and coffee anyway??? Why not just program it then and there?

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