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The Codeybot is a robot that makes coding fun for everyone

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Learning how to code is not for the faint of mind. It’s logic-based and just about anything can ruin your work, driving you nearly insane for putting a space or bracket in the wrong place. If you didn’t start thinking in these patterns as a kid, it’s hard to start without much prior knowledge and can seem more overwhelming than it actually is. It’s the same as learning to knit but not understanding the movements to create the patterns that have to be executed correctly for it to hold everything together.

We saw the Cubetto not too long ago with aspirations of giving the basic building blocks of coding concepts to kids ages three and up. This is a good starter pack, but when kids grow up they’ll want to move to something more complicated, like the Codeybot. Instead of being made of wood and moving around a map, this little robot friend can not only roll around at will, but can make preset or custom faces, play music, dance to said music, make silly voices, and shoot lasers with an add-on turret in a battle against other bots (no face-melting lasers, sorry).

This uses a mobile app that will let you control the bot by snapping the building blocks of functions together. You’ll also have voice control to do things like change the color of the wheels or have it move. There will of course be more attachments as this crowdfunding bot gains traction, but for $129 to get this device, it’s a great way for anyone of any age to work on learning the concepts and challenges of coding.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter