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Codex Silenda is a handcrafted puzzle that you have to solve to open

Silenda Codex

If you’re a fan of puzzles, then you likely have a Rubiks┬ácube or two lying around at home. While there are a variety of puzzles out on the market, there’s a pretty big gap between easy and cheap and challenging and expensive. You wouldn’t want to spend $10 on a movie that only lasted ten minutes, so why would you spend $5 on something you can solve in two minutes?

The problem with puzzles is that once you’ve solved them, there’s really no reason to play them again as you already figured it out. This is why the Codex Silenda is taking an extra step with their puzzle. This is a 5-page book that you can only open by solving each page of the codex. In addition to giving your brain a workout, there’s also a story that ties the pages together, and has a hidden storage compartment if you really want to keep something hidden from prying eyes.

While this is handcrafted in the sense that it was developed and put together by the team that came up with the idea, the pieces were made with a laser cutter. The Codex is presently part of a crowdfunding campaign that is more than successful, and while an assembled version would’ve cost you $150, there are also options to get an unassembled version which it would be up to you to put together with a manual that walks you through the steps or gives you just enough hints that putting it together is puzzle enough. The tiers are sold out, but they presently have a waiting list for those who want a Codex of their very own.

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