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The COBI is an all-in-one Biking System to keep you safe


Being a cyclist, you have a metric ton of gadgets to put on your bike. You want to make sure you have lights on the front to see where you’re going, on the back so others can see you, a navigation system with a phone mount, and a bell to let pedestrians know if you’re coming up behind them. There are even more gadgets you can get to give your bike turning signals and extra visibility, but wouldn’t it be nice if you only needed to buy one setup to do everything?

The COBI is a connected biking system that will give you a front and back light, brake lights, turn signals, a charging smartphone dock, a thumb controller to let you make calls or change music tracks without touching your phone, and a built-in security system. It will even turn on as soon as you come within proximity. The corresponding app will act as your navigation system, give you real-time data about your ride, track your exercise, and can tell you what the forecast is looking like.

You get a custom bell, so you won’t have to worry about whether or not your spoken warning is loud enough to alert those in front of you. There are three power options which include the e-bike battery, battery pack, or through the Hub Dynamo. For a whopping $205, you can get the whole setup and styling options for when you want to play dress-up with your front light.

Available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter