Cobalt updates Pocket Watches for the new Millennium

I wish that I could remember the era when all the fancy rich guys had pocketwatches. Of course, pocket watches were soon replaced by fancy wristwatches, and then those became less fancy as everyone bought one. Now, most people don’t have watches anymore, because their cell phone has the time.

I suppose that it is only obvious that some tech designer came up with the Cobalt, a pocket watch with a round OLED display. Not only does the screen display the time, date, but the temperature as well. The Cobalt can even give updates from text messages, email, and will even play your voicemail.

The Cobalt is also completely Bluetooth Compatible, and has voice recognition software. There is even a shot that I have seen that demonstrates music-playing capability.

Not only that, but the designers actually figured out how to put in a hidden spot for house keys. Too bad they didn’t figure out how to open it up and use it like clamshell cell phone.

Right now, the Cobalt exists as a concept, but I could easily see this tech catching on. That is, if pocket watches ever came back in style. That might not sound like that will ever happen, but you never can tell what will be hip again.


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