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Cnlight.Wingsland S6 is a 4K Pocket Drone

wingsland-s6Now this is certainly one of the more unique company names out there — Cnlight.Wingsland. The company from China has come up with their latest drone, which is known as the S6. What makes the Cnlight.Wingsland S6 so special compared to the other drones that are on the market at the moment? For starters, this is a 4K pocket drone. Yup, you read that right. Something that is so small and portable, and yet is more than capable of capturing some really high quality images and video on the move.

The Cnlight.Wingsland S6 will arrive in black, as well as other shades that ought to suit many different kinds of tastes out there. The remaining colors that the S6 comes in would be metal silver, lemon yellow, orange, camouflage and blood green. Enough about the exterior — what is it that makes the S6 tick? For starters, when it is folded, it measures all of just 138mm x 79mm x 32.6mm, and it tips the scales at a mere 250 grams with the battery included. That would make it lighter than most tablets out there for sure!

Not only that, the Wingsland S6 can be equipped with funny add-ons, among them Emoji display, Cannon and Searchlight, whihc would allow the drone to be more intelligent and recreational in nature. The camera that comes with the Wingsland S6 would be a 4K Ultra HD camera, complete with electronic image stabilization so that both of your videos and photos will not sport a blurry look.

There is also a customized APP, enabling it to be controlled in a variety of methods such as Virtual joystick, Gravity sensor, Voice control. Being combined with multi positioning systems, Dual GPS, Infrared, and Optical flow, among others. In fact, the Wingsland S6 can fly stably even indoors, now how about that? All recorded media can be shared on social media such as Twitter or Facebook, as long as there is an Internet connection.

The Cnlight.Wingsland S6 will retail for $399 a pop and is ready to ship worldwide.

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