Cloud Telecomputers Phone for the office desk

500x_android-thumb-500x313-22647I don’t have a land-line phone connected to my house anymore, but most offices usually have them so employees can have calls wired to their desk. If you are going to have a land-line to your business, you might as well make it a fancy one like this Android Glass phone from Cloud Telecomputers.

The phone is more computer than it is traditional phone with an 8-inch touchscreen, as well as applications like voicemail, calendar, SMS, and email. You can also link to your cellular phone via bluetooth, and the OS also allows you to access important applications for business today, like LinkedIn.

In short, this Cloud Telecomputer looks like the perfect replacement for any wired phone made before the cell phone age. Unfortunately, the product is not ready to be sold as yet, but Cloud computers reports that they have some backers behind it, and it should hit the market in no time.

However, if you are looking for something like it, I highly recommend the iRiver WAVE-HOME, which I got to try out at CES last year. That one was built more for the home than for business, but it really is the same concept.

Well, if Cloud Telecomputers do get the Android Glass phone out, the projected price will be about $599 to $699.

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