Cloud Sofa

magnetically-levitating-cloud-sofa-thumb-550x400-16319Some of you might remember the article about the Hoverit Floating Chair, a lounger that can float on a cushion of air. I remember looking at that device and thinking: well, it would be fun to sit and hover, but the plexiglass mold doesn’t look too comfortable.

It is only natural that someone would take the Hoverit one step further with the Cloud sofa. Designer D.K. Wei’s magnetic floating sofa is designed for “ultra comfort and relaxation”.

The soft upper part can somehow remain airborne thanks to the force generated by the bottom base. I wonder how much the user can move around on the cushion before that upper part cannot be held aloft by the magnetic force.

The Cloud sofa was apparently an entry in a relaxation design contest, and it was good enough to win an honorable mention.

Sadly, this Cloud sofa still remains a concept now, but I would love to try it out. Granted, I wish there was some support for your back, as I would love to work on my laptop while resting on this.

However, I believe the whole point is to allow the user the experience of resting on a cloud. I wonder if it is as relaxing as it looks.


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