Close Sisters Bra changes color when your BFF touches you

close-sisters-braWho would have thought that something as intimate as the bra would eventually end up with its very own technological boost? We have seen that with the Sensoria Fitness Bra some time last year which was capable of monitoring one’s heart rate, and this time around, one would be presented with something that is more fashionable and yet relies on technology to attract attention to itself. As to whether it will be able to take off or not, that remains to be seen. I am referring to the Close Sisters Bra by Triumph, a lingerie maker from Japan.

One can more or less say that the Close Sisters Bra must have somehow been inspired by Disney’s “Frozen” movie, where it boasts two princesses in the cartoon that happen to be BFFs – and love each other deeply. With the Close Sisters Bra, it will require a couple of ladies to touch each other – while wearing their very own Close Sisters Bra of course, in order to have the high tech bra actually change colors and patterns.

In fact, the models wearing the Close Sisters Bra also demonstrated how it worked by bumping their hips against one another, and this close physical proximity resulted in the electronic paper that make up the bras to change their respective colors. Apart from that, the bras will also remember their ancient calling – by coming with tiny padded pink hearts which will be able to include additional bust volume.

This is not Triumph’s effort entirely, as they have worked alongside a company known as Fashion Entertainments in order to come up with these prototype bras. Unfortunately for the masses who might think that these bras would be fun whenever there is a sleepover with your BFFs, the Close Sisters Bra will not go on sale according to Triumph, as they remain a proof of concept. Hence, if you would like to own a pair, it is time you brush up on your engineering knowledge, get in some DIY skills, and obtain the relevant material such as a color-changing electronic paper, among others.