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Cloquarium does more than just tell the time

cloquariumDon’t you just love convergence devices, where you will be able to gain access to a variety of functions, albeit all on a single piece of electronics? No longer do you need to tote around a GPS navigation device, a portable media player, a voice recorder and a mobile phone in this day and age, even a mid-range smartphone will do. Well, how about the clock in the house then? Introduce something special and different with the $49.95 Cloquarium, where by the name alone, you would be able to make an educated guess as to what is in store.

The Cloquarium happens to be a unique clock which will provide lovers of aquatic life a Betta way to track the passing of time. Right at the front of the clock would be a 1.2-gallon freshwater tank, which happens to be a low-maintenance, non-aerated environment that is perfect for a Betta, where it will also feature billowing fins and distinctive colors that stand out as it swims across the white clock face. There is an opening above the numeral 12 which paves the way for easy filling and feeding, while shatter-resistant plastic forms a watertight seal which will separate the tank from the clock’s analog hands and precise quartz movement. Even when it is fully filled with water, the aquarium clock will weigh a mere 11 lbs., and it can be easily supported using the included wall-mounting hardware. The clock will run on a single AA battery.

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  1. i think this is a cruel way of keeping a fish,The IUCN Red List classifies several Betta species as Vulnerable. its a living thing that requires respect and not a toy.

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