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Cloop Magnetic Keepers prevent cables from becoming clutter

Cloop Magnetic Cable Keeper

We love our gadgets and gizmos, but we can’t use them without charging up the battery every now and again. Since a full charge only lasts for a few hours, we’re normally stuck carrying a bunch of cables around. This on its own is no issue, but when they unravel and have a party in your bag, it’s hard to get what you need when you actually need it.

Instead of hoping you’ve tucked the cables in your bag far enough away from each other, Cloop will help you to keep things tidy by keeping wrapped cords together. This is an elastic silicone cable keeper that uses strong neodymium magnets at both ends to prevent any unwanted movement. It won’t slide off your cables since you’ll be looping Cloop onto your cable, making sure it’s always nearby. This will also prevent it from getting lost in the abyss of your bag!

Cloop comes in two sizes for cables large and small, and is also available in white, black, and red. Since this is just using magnets, you can also use it to secure your headphones to your clothes when you’re exercising. This is going to cost you around $11, and will get you a set of three with one in each color. If you’re got some spare cash, you’ll be able to buy enough to organize your entire home.

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