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Clipster Active delivers music for the active folks

clipster-activeThere is just something that is extremely soothing when it comes to music and tunes, where it helps to set the tone for the day, or an exercise session even perhaps. However, a regular smartphone or tablet are not exactly the kinds of devices that you’d think will be able to pump out some strong tunes – no sir, you would need something with a little bit more zip, not to mention being able to withstand the rigors of being able to be carried around. Having said that, why not add such a rugged speaker to your collection of peripherals with the $59.99 Clipster Active?

The Clipster Active happens to be a clip-on outdoor speaker that is equipped with a mounting bracket. It will be able to stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth music player or smartphone, and thanks to its integrated microphone, it will enable you to answer calls without having to retrieve your handset. No more worries about feeling lesser than others since you do not have Bluetooth in your car, as the Clipster Active can be hooked to your keychain to deliver a somewhat similar experience. Apart from that, it can handle its fair share of knocks, thanks to a tough rubber coating on the outside and IPX4-level waterproofing.

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