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Clippa Mini Tool does more than just clip your hair neatly

clippa-mini-toolIf you are proud of your mane, then you would surely be able to find some room in your hair to use clips from time to time. After all, hair clips are pretty handy tools to have around, and even more so if you would like to maintain a certain style of your hair. There is this particular £7.99 Clippa Mini Tool that does a whole lot more than just keep your hair in place, as it might be able to transform you into some sort of James Bond – to a certain extent, that is.

The Clippa Mini Tool can be said to be a beautiful lovechild of a hair clip and a toolbox, where it will be able to turn your hair into a well kept weapon of convenience, now how about that? Not only is it a traditional hairclip in every sense of the word, it also doubles up as a 7-in-1 tool, namely a trolley coin, wrench, ruler, cutter and a trio of screwdrivers, now how about that? If there ever was a fashionable adventurer, this would be the perfect gift. I am quite sure that Lara Croft herself uses one of these puppies.

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