Clipboard gadget makes Coaching hi-tech

The E-Ink Coaches Playboard could give coaches a high tech edge.

From our friends at Yanko comes designer Gordon Yeh’s game clipboard that utilizes the newly developed technology known as “E-Ink” to create a digital clipboard for hi-tech coaching on the sidelines.

If you’ve ever seen sports caster John Madden draw on the video replay to show what he thinks a play can be, then you rather get the idea what could be in the future for coaches.

Called the E-ink Electronic Coaching Playboard, this extremely cool gadget for men can be used for drawing plays, sketching out strategies, even examining images and criticizing them with electronic writing straight on top.

The design would come with a choice of different pre-loaded sports templates including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, et al. And with the animation feature, directions can be replayed and rehearsed to perfection.

No word on when this will be available. E-Ink is still a conceptual technology. But should it catch on (it may be Newspaper’s saving grace), then ancillary technologies like this one could become reality.

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